Dictionary of Somali Names

The book contains  approximately 5000 names of different subjects, for example,  900 hundred names of Somali trees, 870 names of Somali men (mainly the indigenous names before the Islamic names largely replaced the Somali traditional names), 500 names of Somali women, names of the birds, wild animals, climate, rain, fruits, diseases, nature and ecology names, household items, clothing, she-camel names, and many other names.


Qaamuuska Sarbeebta (A dictionary of idioms)

Somali –English. This book contains over 900 most commonly used English idioms, translated into the similar or corresponding Somali meanings and relevant Somali idioms. The book is mainly intended Somali speaking population who use English as their second language at all levels of education. It is published by Scansom Publishers in June 2006.

Author Yusuf Kahin.

ISBN 91-974409-7-3


QAAMUUSKA CAAFIMAADKA (Somali- English Medical Dictionary)